You are active or passive?

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Can you be more specific when you ask this again. It’s a bit vague.

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You have a twin? What? I'm late. Lol

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Yes I have a twin brother.

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Have you ever jacked off with your twin in the room?

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This question is so wrong on so many fucking levels…. Absolutely not.

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Please be a gay porn star so I can touch myself to your naked body everyday

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Lol well now, I guess I should be one haha

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Do you have instagram?*

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A perfect game <3

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John Doe (Ft. Priscilla)
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B.o.B - John Doe (FT. Priscilla)

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"I cannot shed tears for a young white female in this exercise, who knows that this is an exercise, who knows that it’s temporary, who knows that she’s getting one hour of college credit for being here. I’m sorry. I have to save my sympathy and my empathy for those who go through something much worse than this every day of their lives."

Holy shut. Eye opener

This is interesting. I can rant on about this for hours but why not Jst watch it




This Vine gives me life

I’m reblogging this again, because this gives me life and a will to live even in the darkest hours.

Only reblogging Bc the second guys voice is actually amazing.

Yessss!!!! Anytime that someone is annoying me or gets in my face. I’m simply going to show them this video, press play, and walk the fuck away… So they can suck their big or small dick haha.

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