Why did you delete your instagram? :(

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I needed to get away from social media. It was literally my life no joke.

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I can't find you on Instagram :( what is your Instagram?

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I deleted it :)

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hahaha friend said i'm a superhero for having pics from so long ago. oh god so embarrassing

Asked by beverlyelle

LOL I don’t even remember my old pictures. All I know is it was bad! Let me see if I can find any of myself hahaha

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Current Obsession #1

I’m currently watching the show “The Fosters” because I ran out of other things to watch on net flix. It took me so long to watch this show. I thought it would be horrible or cheesy, but it’s addicting. I sit there and I’m like “I NEED TO SEE ANOTHER EPISODE NOW!” Thus throwing my sleep off track.

Honestly, if you haven’t watched this show or need something new, watch this.

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Ugly Heart
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My constant repeat song right now. Sometimes I’m the one who’s over it or I’m the one with the ugly heart, either way I love this song.

Ugly Heart - G.R.L

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July 8th

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I’ve been taking a break from everything. Work, friends, social media, and just drowning in my self made sorrows.

Ever since leaving the lovely Los Angeles and coming to Philadelphia has been one crazy trip. Literally it wasn’t how I planned it to be (like everything in my life) and it was just heart break after heartbreak. Some were deliberate while others were out of my control.

Do I like being in ever perpetual sadness? It feels like I do, or maybe it’s all I know.

I’m not sad though, I’m just exhausted from everyone and everything.

I need to get over it, let go of the past, push onward and become what I want to be. I have things thing where I always over react and then push everyone away. It’s funny because I say I want friends and then eventually just push everyone away to the point where I am forgotten. Then I sit there and try to blame someone for what happened when I know it’s all my fault. It’s like the blame game, we blame some else but we all know who’s at fault.

Giving up social media completely, Facebook and Instagram is refreshing. I quiet love that I stopped caring about those things. It gave me time to think and focus on more important things in my life.

I now know where I want to go, what I want to do, what I want to become, etc. All I know is I’m going to make it happen and that I will finally be truly happy.

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what size shirt do you wear?

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Xtra small

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You looked hot then, you look hot now. That anon needs to sit down.

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Thank you :D

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Anon needs to chill with that mess. Do your thing Aaron, get your desired body!

Asked by frankii-g

Thanks. Yeah I’m tired of hearing shit from people where they’re saying when I was skinny “you’re too skinny.” Now that I’m trying to get muscular and gain mass, I’m hearing that I’m getting fat. Like wtf? There is no end to pleasing people these days.

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